3 Warning Signs it Might be Time to Think About Assisted Living

assisted care facilityWe all want to make sure our parents are always safe, happy, and healthy. They took care of us from the day that we were born, and we want to do the same for them now that they are getting older.

For many, it’s important to allow parents be as independent as they can for as long as they can. Unfortunately, however, there typically comes a time in everyone’s life when a choice must be made. Is it time for assisted living?

This can always be a difficult decision to make. However, you want to make sure that your parents are well taken care of. To help ease your decision, here are three warning signs that indicate it might be time to look into an assisted care facility for your parents.

Big Picture Signs
Some of the biggest red flags can be overlooked. Close call accidents or serious falls can be a major sign that your loved one needs the help of an assisted living facility. If your parent(s) have a very slow recovery time for these types of injuries, or they have chronic illnesses that are getting worse, looking into assisted care facilities may be a good idea. The last big picture warning sign is just a clear struggle with everyday tasks. Luckily, an assisted care facility can help with this. Bathing and dresses are the most common daily activities that four in 10 residents of an assisted living facility receive help with every day.

Social Signs
Having companionship and social interaction is important for everyone, not just elderly people, in order to battle depression and other health problems. If your loved one does not get the socializing time that they need, then looking into assisted living facilities may be your next step. If you notice that your family member is not participating in activities that they once loved or doesn’t ever leave the house, they may need the resources that senior assisted living facilities offer.

Driving Signs
Driving issues are huge telltale signs that your parent may need help. If you notice more dings or dents on the car every time you visit your loved one, they are probably not driving safely. Frequently getting lost while driving, especially alone, can, unfortunately, occur often for someone who is no longer fit to drive.

You care about the safety, happiness, and health of your loved ones. Keep an assisted care facility in mind if they are starting to show these warning signs.

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