Activities Leaving Your Seniors Bored? Have a Game Night!

activities for seniors in assisted living facilitiesIt can be difficult to include fresh activities for seniors in assisted living facilities, but board games might be the solution. Not only are these games fun to include at any game night, they also aid in improving memory and cognitive function.

While you might already have a chess set in your assisted living facility or home, bringing chess into your weekly or monthly game night can add a competitive edge to an often casually played strategy game. Chess has been thought to improve the IQ of the individuals who play — it will also get your senior into a social setting as they battle against their opponent while using problem-solving skills.

Another staple, word games are wonderful for utilizing memory skills and thinking creatively. This is another one-on-one social game that can add a competitive flair if you want to make it into a tournament. It’s been reported that over 70% of seniors most commonly partake in reading, making word games like Scrabble especially great for those that want to show off their large vocabulary.

Clue and other detective games rely on a different way of thinking when compared to the previous two games. Clue relies on deductive reasoning and critical thinking as the player tries to discover who murdered one of the characters. This is great for Alzheimer’s care patients since memory and observational skills are utilized to determine the murderer.

Settlers of Catan
This world-building game relies on strategy but incorporates necessary cooperation between the players. As you expand your homes and cities, you will both cooperate with and fight against the other players as they try to gain and swap resources for further advancement. In an independent senior living facility, a game that works the mind and the social connections between members of the community can foster new relationships and lead to a healthier environment.

Trivial Pursuit
Trivia is a great way to flex your memory. You can buy a trivia-inspired board game, like Trivial Pursuit, or simply create your own trivia night. This establishes a competitive, social setting and keeps the minds of seniors sharp. Try customizing the trivia categories for the seniors in your memory care center.

It’s important to provide an array of activities for seniors in assisted living facilities. Board games are a great way to improve their cognitive function while improving the relationships between them. Try incorporating a game night that targets cognition at your facility.

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