Fair Week!

It is no secret that summer is swiftly coming to a close. Every store you visit is lined with Back to School products, you find yourself getting stuck behind the yellow school bus on your morning commute, and some leaves have even begun to fall. The Rockingham County Fair came and went last week, but that doesn’t mean that the fair spirit left with it; this past week was the White Birch Communities Fair Week, and every day of the week brought a new and exciting event to our residents!


Monday: Kimball Swanson and Refreshments!

Kimball Swanson is an excellent singer and guitar player, who is no stranger to our residents. He has sung to our residents before, and his voice is one that you could pick out of a crowd of millions; we are so lucky to have been an audience to his performance once again! It helps that the residents simply can’t keep still when we comes around; every resident was clapping, swaying, singing, and cheering as they were able! It was quite a sight to see! During his performance, our activities staff distributed popcorn and soda to the residents as they enjoyed his music. It was a great time had by all.


Tuesday: Summer of ‘69 Party!

Tuesday we threw it back 50 years into the past with our Summer of ‘69 party! We started the party off with music popular during that year including The Beatles and Neil Diamond to set us in the mood, and dimmed it when the party started. Kathy Lambert, our activities director, led the party with a fun little quiz to the residents. The quiz consisted of eight or nine questions for the residents to answer, and share later. Examples of the questions were “What were you doing during 1969?” (some were getting married, some were starting new jobs), “What food was invented in 1969?” (the famous Wendy’s Frosty, apparently!), and “What two important events occurred in 1969?” (Woodstock and the moon landing!). It was a great moment of reflection as the residents shared their experiences, exactly 50 years ago. The party wrapped up with homemade ice cream and Whoopie Pies, which the residents (and some staff) thoroughly enjoyed!


Wednesday: Chick-Fil-A Cow Visit!

“Baby Cow” from Chick-Fil-A paid us a visit yesterday afternoon, and the residents fell head over heels (or perhaps head over hooves!). If you have not flipped through the pictures on Facebook (, you need to immediately. The joy on their face as they hugged and took pictures with the cow was absolutely adorable. After the cow visited our assisted living residents, and then our memory care residents, Kathy handed out cow print cake pops from a local bakery. Overall, it was a moo-velous midpoint to our fair week!


Thursday: Caramel Apples and Kiss-a-Critter!

Thursday was a full day, indeed! Unfortunately, the musical act that we originally had planned had to take a rain check, but our quick-thinking Activities Director hatched a plan B; the residents instead partook in a Fair themed quiz to test their knowledge. After the quiz was complete, the residents enjoyed some caramel dipped apples while Kathy read the answers. Following the fair activities was the Kiss-a-Critter reveal! The critters were a young goat and a baby calf born only two hours before the reveal! One of our maintenance guys and residents (don’t worry, both excitedly volunteered) kissed the animals, and in the end the event raised a significant donation for the Alzheimer’s Association.


Friday: Fair Day!

The fair day was certainly a fun-filled day for all! Residents were cycled between the sun room, main dining hall, and chapel, hitting many games and activities in their path. The games started with a die toss, then moved through a duck pond, fishing for prizes booth, guessing table, balloon pop, dime toss, and then ended with a photo booth. With each new booth, there was a new opportunity to win a piece of candy, a snack, or even a rubber duck. In the middle of the fun, a surprise guest visited; some were thrilled, and others were terrified… it was a clown!! One of the activities staff members dressed up as a clown to bring fun to the residents (and fear to some staff members, if we’re being honest, including the person typing this sentence)! The day ended with a raffle that included two door hangs and a knit afghan. 


Thank you to everyone that made this week possible; it was truly unforgettable.


If you would like to see the photographs from this week, make sure to like and follow the White Birch Communities Facebook page!

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