Make a Change Monday!

Make a Change Monday


Monday just became a little more transformative here at White Birch! Starting September 9th at 6:00 p.m., we will be hosting a nine part speaking series in the main dining hall of our facility. The topics covered will run the gamut between many different subjects, and there is something for everyone. These events will be open and free to the public, and whoever wants to stop by for an hour and educate themselves is welcome to. Each event will begin at 6:00 p.m.


September 9th – Jeanette Suter

The first scheduled Make a Change Monday guest speaker could not make it on the 9th, so Jeanette Suter from Home Instead Senior Care generously took her place instead! During her discussion, you will learn some of the common feelings that many caregivers experience, discover the importance of not repressing your emotions, and find out how best to cope with your feelings. Caregiver or not, this is an important message that everyone could take something from.


September 16th – Rebecca Penrod

As we get busier, negativity can slip in where we least expect it; as busy as Rebecca Penrod of Mather Architects is, she doesn’t allow negativity to slip through the cracks. We all have a lot to learn from a woman with a superhuman schedule, that still manages to start and end the day with a positive outlook.


In her hour-long talk, Rebecca will teach you how to harness positivity and use it to your advantage and eliminate negativity in your mindset (even when it’s not always easy). She’ll also ask the audience to ask themselves difficult questions like what kind of energy (positive and negative) are you putting out there? Who do you surround yourself with? How is your energy helping or holding you from the life you deserve?


September 30th – Christy Barko

Christy Barko’s time as a wellness coach has taught her more holistic approaches to tackling our mental and physical well being. Her talk on September 30th will highlight the “best kept secret to a healthier you” that you may not have yet considered. 


October 14th – Beth Bland & Mia Olsen

Beth Bland and Mia Olsen, both from the Valley Program for Aging Services, will be delivering the “Dementia Friends” workshop, which will teach 5 key messages about dementia, and the proper communication to connect with individuals living with dementia.


October 28th – Dr. Rodney Samuel Arthur

Dr. Rodney Samuel Arthur is a Nephrologist, practicing in Harrisonburg, VA. He will be delivering a talk on Diabetes and Hypertension, which are two topics that not many are informed about until they or a loved one experience it themselves, but education is a vital step to prevention!


November 4th – Mandy Leeth

Mandy Leeth of Ameriprise Financial will be delivering an empowered speech on Finding the Power in Your Purpose! Mandy has found her purpose in helping others find their purpose, and how to live every day in honor of it. She will spend the hour reminding us all that we all were put on this Earth for different reasons, and embracing those reasons every day will challenge us and encourage our growth.


November 25th – Amy Homan DePoy

Amy Homan DePoy is an Occupational Therapist with Cardinal Care, LLC, specializing in helping older adults with their care. Amy will be delivering a talk on fall risks, and what can be done to prevent injury. Fall risk is a unifying topic with both the young and elderly population alike, so anyone may benefit from Amy’s talk.


December 9th – Annie Marrs – What is Normal and When to be Worried

Annie Marrs is with the Central and Western Virginia Alzheimer’s Association, and will be delivering a talk on What is Normal and When to be Worried when you begin to see changes in your loved one’s cognitive functioning. Certain changes to the brain are normal as we age, but deviating from the norm may suggest a worse condition present; Annie will show us the difference.


December 16th – Laura A. Evans and Beth C. Driver – So You’ve Been Named as a Fiduciary for a Loved One, Now What?

Fiduciary duty is not a topic that many know about until they are forced to; education before the fact is the most important way to prepare. Laura Evans and Beth Driver of the Leitner Law Group are attorneys well versed in elder law, and will deliver a presentation on what comes next if you have been named as a fiduciary for a loved one.

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