3 Reasons Assisted Living Facilities Provide Great Dementia Care

Growing old brings with it any number of ailments, disabilities, and adverse conditions. Perhaps the most tragic and heart-breaking of which are the many different forms of dementia. Mental impairments, inability to properly think and reason, and memory loss are the most common resulting symptoms. Due to how quickly and suddenly dementia onset can occur in the elderly, it’s important to have a dementia care plan in place for loved ones who are growing old.
Providing dementia care can be an incredibly difficult and stressful process physically and emotionally, especially for family members. That’s just one of the reasons placing with dementia in an assisted living facility with specific dementia care units is arguably one of the best options for a suffering senior. Here are three other reasons assisted living facilities are a great place to find quality dementia care.

Round the Clock Care: One of the biggest benefits of assisted living residences is that they typically provide 24-hour supervision for their residents. This means that no matter what time of day something happens, there’s a provider nearby to assist. They also provide three meals a day plus snacks in a group dining room and a range of services that promote resident quality of life and independence, including personal care services, health care services, medication management, social services, arrangements for transportation, laundry service, and housekeeping and maintenance.
Even people who care for their elders in their own home can’t usually provide this kind of around the clock coverage, which can be especially crucial when dealing with dementia care.

Social and Positive Environment: Just because someone may have dementia doesn’t mean they still can’t experience things like happiness and friendship. Assisted care facilities offer a variety of programs, activities, and social events in which residents can partake in, meet new people, and provide them the social experience they would lack being couped up in a home somewhere.
In fact, research from the 2009 Independent Living Report by the ProMatura Group shows that when you become part of an independent living retirement community, you’re more likely to make new friends and try new things. Overall, 84.5% of independent living residents would recommend their community to someone else.

Cost Effective: Residential care facilities aren’t free, but they can actually be more cost effective than trying to provide the care yourself. In one recent study, 83% of primary caregivers contributed an average of $8,800 for out-of-pocket care expenses during a long-term care situation. That doesn’t even account for the loss of time and actual work involved either.

Dementia care can be one of the most difficult aspects of old age, but assisted living facilities are a great way to provide the care a person needs in an environment they will enjoy.

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